How to Pay a Court

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A criminal or traffic case may result in fines, as well as Court costs. In addition to consulting your attorney before paying any fines, learn more about the process to fulfill payment.

How to Pay a Virginia Court Fine & Court Costs

If you are charged with a traffic or criminal offense in Virginia, it can result in fines and/or Court costs.  A fine can be imposed by a Virginia Court if you are convicted of a charge, while Court costs can be imposed upon conviction and may also be imposed even if a case is dismissed.

A fine or Court costs must either be paid in full within 30 days of your conviction date, or a payment plan must be set up with the Court within 30 days of conviction, unless a deferred payment agreement is in effect and then the payment is due on the agreed-upon date.  To pay a fine or Court costs, you may do so online, by calling the clerk’s office, or by making a payment in-person at the clerk’s office.  To make arrangements for a payment plan, you must either call the clerk’s office or visit the clerk’s office in-person.  You cannot make arrangements for a payment plan online.

Please see information below to assist with paying fines and/or Court costs: