We know that legal troubles can be overwhelming. So we’ve gathered a list of resources below to help you get the answers you need, fast.

Community service - picking up bottles off the ground

Community Service

Whether the Court has mandated community service or you are performing it voluntarily, you need to make sure to select a qualifying organization.

Police officer writing young girl a ticket

DMV Points

When convicted of a traffic violation, the court notifies the DMV who posts it to your records and assigns demerit points accordingly. Understanding how this works and how long these stay on your record is important.

Group of people during driving remediation classes

Driver Improvement

In some instances, completing a driver improvement course can have a positive impact on the outcome of your Virginia traffic case.

Police officer writing man a ticket as he sits behind wheel of car

Driving Record

In any Virginia traffic case you will be asked to provide a driving record from your state’s licensing agency. Learn how to obtain a copy.

Person handing over credit card

How to Pay a Court

A criminal or traffic case may result in fines, as well as Court costs. In addition to consulting your attorney before paying any fines, learn more about the process to fulfill payment.