Chesterfield County, Virginia – General District Court Reckless Driving Traffic Attorney Case Result

Reckless driving charge which (unfairly) arose from a car accident (where the client did not deserve to be issued a ticket for the misdemeanor charge but was nonetheless) was Nolle Prossed in Court. The Commonwealth did not have enough evidence to convict the client, who pleaded NOT GUILTY (because he was, in fact, not guilty), and therefore the prosecutor made a motion to Nolle Prosse the case in Court (opposed to moving forward with the trial).  Nolle Prosse means the prosecutor did not move forward with trying to secure a conviction of the charge against the client.  It effectively operates like a dismissal in this case.

For more information about what it means to have a charge Nolle Prossed see this article: What does “nolle prossed” mean under Virginia law? – Peters Law Firm (