Greensville County, Virginia – General District Court Attorney Case Result

92/70 reckless driving misdemeanor charge was REDUCED to defective equipment (which is a non-moving violation that carries no (0) points toward a driving record balance).

Original Charge (Reckless Driving):

A person is guilty of reckless driving who drives a motor vehicle on the highways in the Commonwealth (i) at a speed of 20 miles per hour or more in excess of the applicable maximum speed limit or (ii) in excess of 85 miles per hour regardless of the applicable maximum speed limit.  Virginia Code § 46.2-862. Exceeding speed limit (

Every person convicted of reckless driving under the provisions of this article is guilty of a Class 1 misdemeanor.  Virginia Code § 46.2-868. Reckless driving; penalties ( authorized punishments for conviction of a misdemeanor are: For Class 1 misdemeanors, confinement in jail for not more than twelve months and a fine of not more than $2,500, either or both.  Virginia Code § 18.2-11. Punishment for conviction of misdemeanor (

Reduced Charge (Defective Equipment):

It shall be unlawful for any person to use or have as equipment on a motor vehicle operated on a highway any device or equipment mentioned in § 46.2-1002 which is defective and in an unsafe condition. Virginia Code § 46.2-1003. Illegal use of defective and unsafe equipment (

Defective equipment is a non-moving violation that has no points in Virginia.