Hanover County, Virginia – General District Court Defense Attorney Case Results

Misdemeanor charge for failure to appear was DISMISSED.  Attorney was able to prove client was unable to attend previous hearing due to hospitalization.

Misdemeanor charge for contributing to delinquency of a minor was NOLLE PROSSED.  (For more information about what “nolle prossed” means, see this article: What does “nolle prossed” mean under Virginia law? – Peters Law Firm (peterslawfirmva.com).

Misdemeanor charge for concealment, price alter merchandise – Attorney was able to MINIMIZE the amount of jail time which was ordered as a penalty for this charge (which arose from failing to properly scan merchandise at a self-checkout station in a store).  This was the third time the client had been charged with this type of offense, so the potential penalties at stake were higher in Court this time.  Attorney was able to ask the Court for weekend jail time and a delayed report date.  So, the client had time to make childcare and work arrangements before beginning to serve the jail sentence and will not have to serve on weekdays (when the client works).