Henrico County, Virginia – General District Court Criminal Defense and Traffic Lawyer Case Results

CASES DISMISSED! Misdemeanor charges for driving without a license and reckless driving (for speeding 88/65 or 23-mph over the limit) were both DISMISSED!  The misdemeanor driving without a license charge arose because the driver’s license was suspended at the time of the traffic stop for not having insurance.  At the hearing, the driver’s attorney successfully was able to defend the driver by proving to the Court that the lack of insurance was erroneous, and that the driver did not receive proper notice of the suspension from the DMV prior to being pulled over by the police officer.  Additionally, it was shown that the driver presently had a driver’s license that was in good standing and was insured.  But for the driver’s attorney being able to prove that the underlying insurance issue which gave rise to the license suspension was an error, and that the driver did not have proper notice of the suspension prior to being pulled over, the driver would have been convicted of the misdemeanor no license charge.

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