Henrico County, Virginia – General District Court Defense Attorney Case Result

86/55 reckless driving charge for allegedly speeding 31-mph over the limit was DISMISSED.  The attorney filed for discovery and was able to review the cruiser footage from the police officer’s vehicle prior to the hearing.  This allowed the attorney to determine whether the speed limit was 55-mph or 65-mph on the road where the driver was clocked by the officer.  The attorney also worked with the driver to clarify with the court that he had a personal necessity explanation for speeding which was not shared with the police officer at the time he was pulled over.  The driver picked up his speed on the highway to get away from another vehicle which was driving erratically and about to cause an accident.  The driver (at the direction of the attorney) also completed community service work prior to court, and the founder of the nonprofit organization where he volunteered also appeared in court to support the client during the hearing.

The client in this case completed community service work for this nonprofit organization, which is located in Richmond and helps veterans: Open Door Resource Center Inc. – Welcome To Open Door! (odrcinc.org).