Henrico County, Virginia – General District Court Reckless Driving Attorney Case Result

Client’s reckless driving misdemeanor charge for speeding 23-mph over the limit was REDUCED to speeding 1-9mph over the limit (which is a traffic infraction).  At the hearing, the Client’s attorney was able to convince the judge to reduce the Client’s charge, even though the Client’s driving record was not in good shape (-3 point balance with multiple traffic convictions over the past 5 years).  At the attorney’s direction, the Client completed community service work, a driver improvement course, and had his speedometer calibrated before the hearing.  All of this work (called mitigation work) paid off at the hearing, because the judge was convinced that the Client’s charge should still be reduced in spite of his driving record.

For more information regarding mitigation work (community service, speedometer calibration testing, and driver improvement programs) see this link: Resources – Peters Law Firm (peterslawfirmva.com).