Henrico County, Virginia – General District Court Traffic Defense Attorney Case Results

CLEAN SWEEP!! Driver was issued a total of SIX (6) citations during ONE traffic stop (1 for reckless driving and 5 for traffic infractions).  END RESULT: 5/5 traffic infractions were DISMISSED, and the reckless driving misdemeanor charge was REDUCED!!!  Initially, the driver was pulled over for reckless driving (for speeding 77-mph in a 55-mph zone), but the driver also was issued FIVE (5) more citations for the following traffic infractions:

  • Improperly mounted license plates – 2 counts (for front plate and rear plate)
  • Driving without license in possession
  • Improper window tint – 2 counts (for windows and for windshield)

Driver did NOT have a clean driving record, was young, and called Peters Law Firm, PLLC, for help with his cases.  End result?  The reckless driving charge was REDUCED to speeding and ALL of the traffic infractions were DISMISSED!

Note: the traffic infractions were dismissed “as compliant with the law” because the driver was able to show proof to the Court that he had a physical driver’s license (it was just not on him when he was pulled over), removed the tint from his windows and windshield, and properly mounted his license plates.  The Virginia Code provides the Court with discretion to dismiss each of these traffic infractions if proof of compliance is shown by a driver (see code sections below):

Virginia Code Sections: