New Kent County, Virginia – General District Court Defense Attorney Case Results

Misdemeanor no license charge and misdemeanor reckless driving charge for speeding 96-mph in a 70-mph zone were BOTH REDUCED.  The reckless driving charge was reduced to a traffic infraction (Virginia Code § 46.2-878.1. Maximum speed limits in highway work zones; penalty (  The misdemeanor no license charge was also reduced to a traffic infraction (Virginia Code § 46.2-104. Possession of registration cards; exhibiting registration card and licenses; failure to carry license or registration card (  Both original misdemeanor charges could have resulted in jail time upon conviction, but neither were imposed for these cases.

For more information about the reduction of the misdemeanor no license charge, please see this link: What is the difference between being charged with driving without a license and being charged with failing to carry a license in possession? – Peters Law Firm (